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Functionally efficient and productive females are the cornerstone of our herd


Our Breeding Policy

Harsh winters insure that considerable selection takes place for an easy-doing type which must have good fleshing, adequate muscling and enough performance.

Conformation and structural soundness are also high on our list of priorities. Beef cattle are our main source of income – we need to get it right to survive.

Our policy to use the best locally bred sires ensures that our cattle are well adapted to local conditions and that selection for what we consider to be important has been thoroughly molded into our cattle.


Our History

The KRM Hereford herd came into being in 1972 when my father the late Calvert Clark decided that the progress made with regard to veld improvement running sheep only was too slow. The switch to more cattle resulted in the first registered females being purchased from various Eastern Cape breeders with the majority of cows coming from the Lambra stud which were purchased on a dispersal sale in Burgersdorp.

These females were medium framed, rangy cows, which had escaped the fashionable small-framed dumpy type bred in the late fifty’s, and sixties. Later in 1982 a number of females were purchased from the MV Stud in Mooi River.

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Landbouweekblad Platinum Elite Cow for the Hereford Breed 2014

Russel Clark talks about his Hereford herd


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